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One of the more common custom branded promotional items you may have noticed in the last few years is a USB drive. USB drives are a small and convenient storage device that is perfect for transferring, saving and sharing data between computers. USB drives are a very common and easy way to do this, and their palm-sized design makes it easy to keep and store them in your purse, backpack, or on your keyring. At US Fast Print, we are thrilled to offer custom branded promotional USB drives, custom printed with your brand’s name, logo and contact information. While many have already chosen this item as their custom promotional item of choice, some people may be curious as to what the benefits of them may be. In this blog, we will look at a few of the benefits of ordering custom printed USB drives from US Fast Print.

USB drives Can Be Lifesavers

USB drives are a convenient and fantastic way to back up one’s data, and when it comes to people whose work relies on computers, USB drives can very easily be a lifesaver. Whether if someone’s hard drive crashed while working on an important document for school, or someone is in desperate need of transferring a file from one device to another, having USB drive handy can help someone successfully avoid a crisis. When all is said and done, they’ll look at the device that helped them out and remember the business or brand that they received it from.


USB drives have quickly become one of the most common forms of transferring data from one device to another, and USB inputs are pretty much standard on computers of all kinds. When ordering promotional clothing items like t-shirts or sweatshirts, you’re relying on many factors to work in your favor. You’re relying on the recipient of the shirt to like the way the shirt looks, and for it to fit them properly. In addition to this, you’re also relying on the recipient of the item to actually wear the shirt and to get your brand’s name and logo in circulation amongst other potential customers or clients. USB drives are universal, regardless of the type of computer a person uses. Additionally, many people tend to prefer using them over blank media like CD-R discs, and so the likelihood of them using it is far greater than if it were a different sort of item.

Two Levels of Promotion

While getting your brand’s name, logo and contact information custom printed on a promotional USB drive is already a solid level of promotion, USB drives offer a second layer of promotion. Unlike other custom printed items that don’t offer a technological component, getting a custom printed promotional usb drive can allow you to fill the drive with additional promotional information. Upload a video, promotional coupon or other file to each individual drive, and when its recipient goes to use the drive for the first time, they will learn more about your business or brand.

Those are just a few reasons why custom printed USB flash drives can be helpful for your brand or business. For more information about our wide variety of custom printed promotional items, contact US Fast Print today.