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We’ve spent a decent amount of time talking about the wide variety of custom printed promotional products that we offer, but something we’ve yet to talk much about is how those products can be used to promote your brand or business. With this point in mind, in part one of our blog series, we will look at a handful of ways that you can put your custom printed promotional products to good use, helping you place your business directly into the hands of your customers.

Keep Them at the Front Counter

Whether you’re running a hair salon, insurance agency, landscaping company or otherwise, a well-executed promotional product works a lot like candy at the grocery store: if arranged properly, it will easily get the attention of most patrons. Whether you’re trying to entice someone to come back for a second visit or you simply want to make sure that your customers or clients remember your name, putting custom printed promotional products at the front of your business will give them an irresistible quality. If you’re running a car insurance agency, for example, putting your custom printed ice scrapers in a place that can easily be seen will help your clients grab them on their way out. When they need your contact information the most, they’ll have it in the palm of their hands.

Use Them as an Incentive

While promotional products are always meant to promote your business, they can also be used as an incentive to support your business. While the products and/or services that you provide your customers are more than enough to keep them coming back, little incentives like this can go a long way, sticking in the minds of your customers or clients. Not only do they make them feel appreciated, but they can also be put to good use. Using the example of the insurance agency again, as a way of letting your clients know that you care for them and appreciate their business, you could give them a custom printed keychain or ice scraper as a thank you for signing up for your services for another year.

Custom Printed Promotional Items from US Fast Print

Those are just two examples of ways that you can use your custom printed promotional products. Whether you’re a brand new business in the industry or you have been serving clients for decades, no brand or business is too big or small for promotion, and it’s key to constantly stay fresh in the minds of your clients, both old and new. Whether you’re looking for custom printed keychains, promotional drinkware, or custom branded keychains, US Fast Print aims to provide you with the best custom printed promotional products. We shall continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, for all of your custom printed promotional product needs, contact US Fast Print today.