US Fast Print is proud to provide business owners with the best in custom printed promotional products. In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few ways that you can use your customized promotional products. Wrapping things up in part two, here are just a few more examples of ways that you can put your promotional items to use, placing your business directly into the hands of your customers or clients.

Mail to Potential Customers

While this method may be best for smaller promotional products, finding people who may be interested in your brand or business’ services and sending your promotional products directly to them is another great use of promotional products. Some things are easier to determine than others. For example, say you run a new pizzeria in town. With pizza being a relatively popular takeout option, finding neighborhoods that are populated by a younger crowd and mailing your promotional magnetic calendars to them will allow them to come to you. You are making yourself available and reaching out to interested parties, and more importantly, providing them for free. This can be an incredibly smart option, but again, it’s entirely dependent on the sort of promotional products that you choose to order.


One thing that we’ve talked about often with many of our products are trade shows and giveaways. While it may be common, it’s common for a reason. Trade shows are a highly effective and easy way to reach a large amount of people who may otherwise not be familiar with your business or brand. Trade shows are an incredibly efficient way to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients in a matter of hours, and not taking advantage of this would simply be a bad decision. Use trade shows and seminars as an opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers or clients by giving them a promotional item of your choice. Whether you’re choosing to go with something simple and effective like a custom printed pen or keychain, or something a bit more unique like a custom printed USB drive, you’ll be able to stand apart from your competition, ensuring that when that person leaves, they’re leaving with your contact information and a good first impression.

Give to Your Employees

Another great way to put your promotional products to use is to rely on your employees. No one knows your business or brand better than the people who already work there, and by giving your promotional products to your employees, not only will they be visible to many, they’ll be able to answer any questions that potential clients or customers may have about your business.

Order Custom Branded Promotional Items
Those are just a few more examples of ways that you can put your promotional products to good use. No matter your area of service, US Fast Print has custom printed promotional products to fit most any business or brand. Are you in need of custom printed pens, coffee mugs or keychains in a hurry? No problem! We offer rush services on many of our promotional products and are able to accommodate your needs when necessary. Contact us today to learn more!