Laser Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

Looking for a way to boost the perception of your brand? Impress your clientele with custom laser engraved goods!

Laser engraving is one of the highest quality imprints you can apply to promotional products. With the use of a high-power, precision laser machine, simple text and logo designs can be transformed into beautiful, engraved impressions. This process uses a laser beam to physically remove a surface layer of material from products to expose a cavity that reveals a designated design that the naked eye can view.

Laser engraving creates durable, sharp, detailed designs that are unable to be removed. As this process cuts designs directly into the surfaces of various items, these high-quality impressions are long-lasting. The most commonly laser engraved materials include metal, wood, and glass.

Customizing products with an engraved brand identity also adds a higher level of safety in protecting intellectual property. Beyond the scope of providing small businesses with custom branded promotional items, laser engraving offers a way to leave permanent marks on items that help provide checks and balances against counterfeit products or replicas.

In the promotional branding industry, some of the most commonly engraved metal products include pens, aluminum bottle openers and flashlights, multi-toolsstainless steel tumblers, USB storage drives, and carabiners.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly promotional product, laser engraved wooden products can really make your message pop.

Cutting boards are extremely popular in the laser engraving business because they engrave very well, and are quite versatile. Whether your searching for the perfect holiday gift, house-warming present, or just a simple “thank you” gift, custom engraved cutting boards make for fantastic personalized giveaways. You can even laser engrave a beloved recipe from a relative or family friend on a cutting board, and make it a truly wonderful gift that can be shared as an heirloom piece for generations!

Popular engraved wooden products include Bamboo pens, cutting boardskitchenware, coasters, and wooden wine bottle openers.

From memorable gifts to quality corporate giveaways, custom laser engraved items are durable and eye-catching. Withstand the test of time and take your message to the next level. Discover the beauty of laser engraving.

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