The scare season is back! Now is the perfect time to order some spooky promotional products to amp up your business in a fun way! Halloween is a great time for you to use your imagination, get creative, and eat lots of sweets, but it is also a great opportunity for brand promotion. As you prepare your home and family for one of the most fun American traditions there is, don’t forget about also preparing your business.

There are a number of fun, promotional novelties to associate with Halloween and they don’t all have to be scary or full of sugar. Don’t be left out during this season of mysticism. Rediscover how much fun this holiday can be and give gifts that keep on giving.

Trick Or Treat Bags

Since bags are such an essential item for trick or treaters, why not take advantage of the free publicity by handing out some custom branded bags to your customers? Parents will be glad to not have to worry about providing them to their kids, and the kids will get super excited for the big day. Before you know it, your brand will be running all over the neighborhood!  Brightly-colored bags are perfect for carrying trick or treaters’ goodies, and they don’t cost much to personalize.

Claim Your Candy!

Also, don’t forget to label your candy bags! A trick or treater’s worst nightmare is spending the whole evening collecting goodies just to lose their bag or get it confused with someone else’s. Something as simple as bag tags can save the night. Help keep track of little monsters’ candy by giving them something to put their name on it!

Don’t Forget About Safety!

Halloween is always a fun time to promote your company with spooky giveaways.  Whether it is for a school fundraiser or a company giveaway, this is also a great opportunity to promote night safety with items like flashlights, whistles, and glow in the dark promotional items.

Most kids will be more concerned with their costumes and friends than making sure they are seen while crossing the street, so making sure they have some sort of light up item attached to them is super important.  Colorful clip-on safety lights, strobes and reflectors are excellent promotional items that help increase visibility.

Although it’s the last thing a parent wants to think about, danger could be lurking around every dark corner in the neighborhood.  In case of emergencies such as this, it’s very important to keep kids equipped with loud, emergency noise makers like flashing, light-up whistles and alarms. Make sure kids are safe this Halloween while showing your company cares with custom printed safety items.


If you’re looking for a more fun way to stand out in the dark, try branding some cool, glow in the dark items. The Emergency LED Glow Whistle is the ultimate safety item and is perfect for Halloween. It is not only a glow stick, but it is also a flashlight with a flasher mode, and whistle all-in-one. This kind of product can be worn on Halloween night, but also then kept in your car for emergencies. Another awesome product is the Glow Cup, which is great for bringing a drink along to stay hydrated while trick or treating.

Alternatives To Candy

Halloween is known for its tradition of passing out surpluses of delicious candy, but not everyone has the luxury of indulging in such high-sugar sweets. There are plenty of people out there who are anti-treat, but still pro-Halloween. Luckily, there are plenty of other fun goodies to give away on this spooky night.

You can have your logo printed on fun writing utensils like mood color-changing pencils and other novelty pens. But really, the coolest non-candy promotional goodies are Halloween-themed stress balls! offers a huge variety of different stress relievers that would make fantastic giveaways for trick or treaters of any age. The most traditional Halloween stress balls include pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns with goofy mood faces. For something a bit spookier, you can print your logo on stress relievers shaped like zombies, bats, eyeballs, skulls, and many more! These items can even be used as holiday decor and props at haunted houses.

Beyond Halloween

It might not make sense for some small business owners to create a marketing campaign based around a single day because they need to stretch their advertising budget as far as possible. In order to create a consistent brand presence with continuous marketing, it’s a really good idea to choose promotional products with functionality beyond just Halloween.

When customers can use your custom branded Halloween goodies well after the holiday passes, it increases the likelihood of them remembering your name and appreciating your gift. Any promotional product can be modeled after some of Halloween’s most popular symbols and motifs. Simply choosing Halloween colors for everyday promotional items and throwing a spooky icon next to your logo could be all it takes to look like you went the extra mile to offer a few fun, holiday-themed items to your customers. For example, pens with ghosts and ghouls printed on them can still be used for writing everyday notes, and orange tote bags can still be used to carry groceries. Functional giveaway items are lasting advertisements even if they are a little spooky.

Have Fun & Be Safe Out There!

Don’t be afraid to show your creativity when it comes to promoting your brand this spooky season. There are so many different ways to join in the Halloween fun and has got you covered. Give a fun, promotional gift this holiday season that will inspire the kid in all of us! Find all of your spooky themed promotional items HERE!

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