Summer is the season in which the most driving occurs – students are on break, families are having reunions, and the weather is great. With all of the increased driving traffic over the summer months, there is bound to be greater opportunity for Auto Repair Shops to bring more people in as customers. Can you handle the heat this summer and actually take advantage of this influx of driving? We’ll let you in on a couple of proven tactics that are sure have people driving directly to your establishment.

Use Promotional Products

What are promotional products? Promotional products are items that you can get printed with your logo or business information. These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

One of the most popular promotional products of all time is custom printed pens because they are cheap and very useful – everybody wants free pens! With that being said, there are plenty of promotional items that are more suited for auto repair shops if that is what you are looking for.

For example, you can give away custom printed ice scrapers, so that your clients will be covered before the snow starts to fall in the winter. Additionally, you could give away custom printed car fresheners which attach to AC vents. People will love having a fresh scent in their car – and you will get brand exposure every time someone is driving in their car.

This is smart because people often realize they need to go to an auto repair shop while they are driving – they can look right at their AC vent and they will know who to call! Some more items that work well with auto repair shops are custom printed tire gauges, custom printed keychains, custom sunglasses holders, and more! The opportunities are endless and new promotional items come out each day that can suit your needs.

If you are looking for the most inexpensive promotional products online, check out – We have free shipping on orders of $75, and you can use code USFP20 at checkout if you are a first time buyer to get 20% off.

Get Online Reviews

People need to know if your auto repair shop is reputable or a scam that is overcharging them and under-delivering on services. Online reviews are the BEST way for people to show their love for your business.

Even if you get bad reviews, if you respond to them appropriately with follow up, you will show people that even if you make a mistake, you are willing to correct the problem make it right with the customer.

If you have your own website, have a section entirely dedicated to reviews that people can look at. Additionally, it is

critical to have reviews on Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook. People will be searching these platforms almost entirely when looking for an auto repair shop near them.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Here are some ideas to consider for automotive loyalty programs – courtesy of

  • Oil change punch card. Free oil change after so many.
  • Window Stickers: Oil change reminder window sticker with a coupon on it
  • Oil change key fob (same us punch card).
  • Special Promotions: Buy 3 Oil changes Get 1 Free (or whatever works for you)
  • Thank you Check: Mail out “checks” to top customers to thank them for their loyalty
  • Rewards Program:Implement rewards points that accumulate with each service, use for discount on future service or on “Swag.”

Start a referral program

Even with the explosion of the internet and digital marketing, often the best mode of advertising is through word of mouth. Referral programs take advantage of the word-of-mouth power to get you new clients while rewarding old clients at the same time.

There are many different ways to run a referral program – you can do it online, in person, or with flyers.

One website that does referral programs is

The main point is that you want your current customers to get you new ones! But they want something in return! Offer your current customers a discount on their next service when they refer a new customer who gets a certain service such as an oil change, inspection, or tire rotation.

It is simple and effective!

 Thanks for reading!