Whether you are a child going back to elementary, middle, or high school, or if you are an adult going back to a university, we all need a little extra something to get us back into the school spirit. What better way to get everyone excited than handing out goodie bags? Promotional products are key to starting the year off with a positive mindset.

Promotional Products Help Build Confidence

Back-to-school gifts can really pump up both kids and adults for the school year.  School bags filled with goodies like custom branded notebooks, pens and pencils are a great way to help students feel more comfortable in their surroundings.  The preferred choices of promotional products will vary for each grade/age level.  Confidence levels soar when people are comfortable about how they look and how they’ll fit in. Getting new fancy materials to use also gives everyone something to look forward to on the first day of school.

Help Students Socialize

For some students and teachers, it’s difficult to meet new friends and colleagues. Statistics show that this level of difficulty may even increase with each grade level they are attending. Promotional products are great conversation starters! There are thousands of tools, utensils, and useful products that can help students socialize during both during school work hours and on breaks. Add small gifts to their back-to-school goodie bags like fidget spinners, goofy stress balls or even frisbees for recess so that all of the students can play together. Help start the conversation by giving students tools they can use in the classroom and also make it easier for them to socialize!

Increase Student’s Concentration

Using sensory tools in your teaching practice can help encourage a more focused, content, and alert attitude. Fidget tools like spinners and stress balls can be very distracting at times, but they can also help students stay focused. Studies show that allowing students to listen to earbuds while they work quietly can also help them stay focused and block out distractions. Some therapists even recommend using pressure and weight to help students focus. The added weight sends a calming signal to the nervous system and relaxes joint and skin proprioceptors. Keep your students calm, relaxed, and focused by providing them with sleek custom printed goods like fidget tools, stress relievers, earbuds, and other sensory integration products.

Make School Rules And Regulations Fun

There is an increase in value of information when it is given with gifts. Visual communication also helps to better ingrain information into our brains. Giving back-to-school goodie bags with custom printed promotional items is a great opportunity to pass on important information about the upcoming school year. This is also a great time to distribute general information and tips like healthy food alternatives to school snacks and ways to get students more involved in school activities. Giving fun gift bags with your rules and regulations will be way more effective than if you gave them separately. Get students pumped up for the school year while also keeping them informed of the important things!

The Perfect Time To Give

There are plenty of ways to get everyone together before the school year. Hosting a back-to-school fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money for your school by selling custom branded promotional gear. You can also throw a back-to-school party! These parties can be hosted by parents, members of the PTA, teachers, and even principals. Not only are back-to-school bashes a great way for the children to meet with each other before that awkward first day of school, but it gives the parents the opportunity to meet each other as well. You can even ask parents beforehand if they would like to contribute to a goodie bag for the kids. Buy notebooks, pens, and pencils in bulk at a cheaper price, put the school’s name and logo on them, and put them in a “back to school” bag. They’ll love it!

Because it occurs before the school year even starts, orientation is another great opportunity to get everyone stoked for the year. Brand your orientation team with the perfect apparel and gear to welcome new students to the new year! Hand out custom branded notebooks, pens, and flash drives with your campus maps and calendars. It’s a great way to motivate students to sport their school pride while they study at their local coffee shop!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

At this point, you should be super excited about getting your students, parents, and teachers prepared for the school year! There are so many fun gifts to give that can help encourage students to excel. Remember these helpful tips when choosing which promotional products to give away at your school. And don’t forget that with every back-to-school gift bag you give, you are making a difference in that student’s school experience!

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