School marketing has never been easier. USfastprint offers a huge selection of school promotion and marketing ideas that students, faculty and parents alike will absolutely love. Whether you want to show school spirit, boost enrollment or target an education-focused demographic, we have exactly what you’re looking for right here.

You can use school giveaways to promote your club or organization, show customers you care about education, or equip students with much-needed school supplies. Whatever your goal, there’s only one thing you need to know: is your direct source for all of your school promotional items and marketing materials.

More Info about Promotional Items for Education

As an educator, your job is one of the most important in the world! Teaching children or running a classroom can be harrowingly difficult at times – especially when it seems like students just aren’t involved. Get your students excited about day-to-day activities again with our wide selection of notebooks and journals, custom imprinted writing instruments, custom book bags, personalized water bottles, and much, much more!

Whether it be college or pre-school, all educational institutions can benefit from school promotional products. Using promotional items for schools is a fantastic way to create school spirit and facilitate repeat brand exposure for dozens of students, parents, and teachers.

Schools can use promotional items for fundraisers, or just as a way to build school loyalty, and spirit. Parents, faculty, alumni, and students are always eager to support their educational institution. For instance, a high school may use promotional items to raise money for a club or an organization.

We know that different types of schools will be looking for different customizable promotional items. We hope that this blog will help you find the promotional product that is the best fit for you and your educational needs.

Still Not Sure What Will Work For You And Your Brand?

School and homework supplies are vital materials for a student’s successful educational career. Some schools supply students with educational materials, while others sell them at a reduced price to raise money for the school. Here is a list of some of the most popular “Back To School” items out there today that can help you spread the word about your promotion throughout the community, assist local school facilities, teachers, students and faculty, and build better brand awareness at the same time.


Simple calculators like this customized calculator are perfect for beginning math classes. These funky shaped tools will add fun and creativity to your elementary or middle school students math lessons. Use them as giveaway prizes in the classroom or sell them at a reduced cost to students who need them.


Rulers are a staple in life of a grade school student. Take your promotion one step further by using a customized anti-drug slogan like “Kids who Rule out Drugs, Always Measure Up!” or “Follow the Golden RULE, Don’t Do Drugs, and Stay in School!” Your logo or company name will appear imprinted on the actual ruler in between measurements. What a fantastic way to spread a positive message throughout the community, and advertise at the same time!


Give students an easy way to tote their supplies from around the campus with these promotional pencil pouches. Students of all ages use these useful pencil cases to keep track of their pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, and calculators. This product offers ample room for advertising your business name or school’s logo.


Make your students commute more fun with this customized drawstring bags. These custom drawstring bags are perfect for younger students that don’t have a lot of notebooks or text books to carry. Give these bags away to students that have long journey to and from school to make their day less stressful. The large print area on the bags makes for a wonderful advertising tool as well.


Promotional water bottles can be a great way to promote fitness and exercise. Our Customizable BPA Free Water Bottles (made of the safest plastic to drink from) are perfect for any school! Great for sporting events, gym activities, or any school activity. They can also be sold as fundraisers or used to promote your small business to the community or support the local sports team!


Teachers love promotional items too! This Custom Imprinted Non-Woven Tote Bag perfect for toting graded papers and supplies to and from school. Teachers will proudly display your small business logo or school name with this essential promotional product they’ll take everywhere.


Younger kids love to sharpen their pencils. Why not display your company logo on items that will be seen by teachers, faculty and parents! Hand out these affordable products to kids who are eager to learn, and discover the power of word of mouth marketing.


Most of a high school student’s school day is spent taking notes. Why not have a promotional product around that will be in constant demand? These branded notebooks come equipped with a pen that is customized with your logo on them as well, making for a for a fantastic advertising presentation.


Since high school students need to take so many notes, give them the cost-effective custom imprinted highlighter, and be the highlight of their day! These inexpensive promotional products will be useful to students and teachers and are affordable enough to giveaway to an entire high school!


Give students another way to stay on top of their studies with these custom imprinted sticky note books. Help them keep track of important sections in their textbooks to study.


Ever heard of a school without pencils? Neither have we. Why not promote you event or small business on a larger scale by handing out branded pencils in mass quantities. The school can definitely use them as well. It’s a win win!


Everyone these days needs to use flash drives to transport files and back up their work. Students are no exception to this. Our customizable Rotating Flash Drives can be used in many ways. Use this state of the art promo product as a mass giveaway to students, and faculty alike, a branded, reusable product like this is sure to help you gain repeat exposure at no additional cost. These flash drives can also be sold in campus, or school bookstores as fundraisers. Choose from several available colors so this promotional item will fit in with your school.


College students have a lot of important items to carry around! Whether it be student IDs, car keys, dorm keys, or other items, give students this personalized lanyard to keep them organized. Pick from a variety of colors to match your grade school, middle & high school or college theme.



Being a full-time student can be stressful. With this in mind, anti-stress products such as fidget spinners, and stress relieving products are a great way to enhance your promotion. At USfastprint we have a large variety of stress beating promo items that can help students, teachers and parents overcome the daily stresses that go along with educational obstacles. Custom imprinted stress relievers are one of the most sought after items in the entire industry.

No matter what you are looking for to promote your school or educational facility; USfastprint has everything you need to help you get your promotions noticed! On top of our great selection of products, we also offer the lowest prices anywhere, free 24 hour rush service, Free Art Assistance, and free ground shipping on orders of $75 or more! What are you waiting for? Put your brand in everyone’s hand just in time for the school year!

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