Sporting events are a great opportunity for people to come together, celebrate, and enjoy themselves while watching athletes compete. No matter the level of sporting event that you are attending, there is bound to be a marketing opportunity. Recreation leagues, high school teams, and especially professional sports teams use promotional products / custom giveaways at sporting events to increase spectator turn out and to increase engagement while at the game itself.

Here is our list of the best custom giveaways for sporting events at any level!

Custom Sport Drinkware

Custom drinkware is a staple of promotional giveaways. Why? They are inexpensive, useful, and reach a wide audience because people will be using them everywhere they go!

There are plenty of different styles of drinkware that can fit your needs for any sporting event.


20 Oz. Frosted Color Changing Sport Bottle – As low as $1.75/piece

20 Oz. Frosted Translucent Sport Bottle – As low as $1.50/piece  17 oz Color Changing Cup- As low as $0.49/piece

Custom Fans and Flyers

Give people something that will keep them cool and will promote your team at the same time – while you save money. These inexpensive promotional fans and flyers do all that and more!

When you buy these fans or flyers in bulk, you will be able to save big and can pass out large amounts to crowds with ease. We recommend purchasing these fans or flyers with your brand or logo, and either handing them out as people walk into the stands, or placing them on people’s seats before the game starts.

These items have a large imprint area so your information will be easily seen by everyone! People can even read the logos if the game is televised!

Foldable Nylon Fan – As low as $0.60/piece 7″ Round Foldable Nylon Fan – As low as $0.60/piece  9.75″ Round Nylon Flyer – As low as $0.60/piece

Custom Keychains

Why custom keychains? Because you have a strict budget and you want to hand out something to the largest number of people for the smallest price possible!

People like keychains because they are relatively small and inconspicuous, but at the same time, they are noticed enough so that your logo or promotional message will be viewed by a large audience!

UV Aluminum Keychain – As low as $0.72/piece Solid Color Bottle Opener – As low as $0.30/piece  Carabiner Key Ring with Black Strap – As low as $0.50/piece

These are some of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your sports brand while increasing engagement at the same time. While many large scale operations such as professional baseball, football, basketball, or soccer teams will opt for custom apparel (such as shirts) for important games, the cost of those items can be much higher comparatively. We hope that this list, while not exhaustive, provides you a starting guide to pick some of the best promotional items for sporting events.

Thank you for reading.