We all rely on word of mouth for a large part of our customer base, especially those businesses that offer services related to personal care. People are likely to talk about their experiences going to places such as hair salons, nail salon, and massage therapists, and will recommend these places to their friends and family based off of their prior experience.

This is why it is so important for you to leave a positive lasting impression on your customers at these types of establishments! Often, there is no better way to thank your current customers and show their appreciation to them than by handing out promotional products when the customer is about to walk out the door after their service.

The key is to find a promotional product that works for your type of business! In this blog post, we will identify numerous fun, useful, and cost-conscious promotional products that will help you enhance your word-of-mouth reputation and score new customers from your loyal fan base.

Custom promotional items for hair salons

Choose a product that keeps your customers looking and feeling great! Here, we recommend compact mirrors, lip balms, and travel disk brushes. Each of the product pictures are linked to product detail pages, so you can learn more about the products and what they can do to help you promote your brand. The nice thing about these products is that they are relatively inexpensive.

If you consider the fact that promotional products stay with their recipients for upwards for 6 months on average, you have a very high chance that the person who received the product from you will have a favorable opinion of you for a long time – thus, they can spread that positive opinion and land your business new clients.

This form of advertising can be much cheaper than other forms of advertising, with much higher return on investment!

Acrylic Dual Magnification Mirror – As low as $0.70/piece!

EOS Lip Balm – As low as 3.42/piece!

Travel Disk Brush & Mirror – As low as $0.97/piece!

Custom promotional items for nail salons

Nail Salons, while similar and often connected to hair salons, can offer a unique set of custom printed promotional products that work well with people interested in nail health and grooming in general. We offer many different choices at a variety of price points – from inexpensive yet functional nail files, to more sophisticated nail manicure sets that you can give to your most valuable customers (maybe as a reward for referring new customers to your business?!?).

We have seen many nail salons gain new customers by incentivising their current customers to refer (with custom manicure sets or gift sets in general). This tactic works because both parties are winning! Each picture is linked to a product detail page as well.

Fashion 4 Nail File & Buffer – As low as $0.94/piece!

Manicure Set w/ Acryllic Container and Black Silicone Stand – As low as $2.80/piece!

 Smooth Moves Foot File – As low as $0.87/piece!


Nail File – As low as $0.56/piece!

Look Sharp Personal Manicure Kit – As low as: $2.09/piece!
Compact Magnifier Light – As low as: $1.67/piece!

Custom promotional items for massage therapists

Let your customers know how valuable they are to you with these custom printed promotional items – just for massage therapists! People can now take parts of their massage experience home with them with these customized eye masks, hand massagers, and plush heart-shaped heat pads.

These are great items to giveaway because they will remind people of your massage therapist business each time they use them at home. The more they use them, the better, because they are then more likely to tell others about their positive experience!

Eye Mask Hot/ Cold Pack w/ Adjustable Strap  – As low as: $1.89/piece!
Hand Shape Massager – As low as: $2.14/piece!
Natural Scented Wonder Beads Heart – As low as: $2.34/piece!

We hope that these custom products for hair salons, nail salons, and massage therapists can help you start thinking about what types of handouts you would like to give your customers. For a full list of all spa-related and wellness promotional products, click here!

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