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There has been some mixed opinions about the effectiveness of promotional product marketing, but we’re here at to ensure you that the industry is still alive and well. In fact, if your business isn’t utilizing specialty advertising, you could really be missing out on some super effective consumer reach. Even small businesses without much marketing or advertising can greatly improve their bottom line with cost-effective, consumer-driven promotional products. To fully grasp just how effective these nifty giveaways are, we’ve compiled a few statistics about the industry.

Companies can use promotional items for all sorts of goals like showing customer or employee appreciation, raising awareness for brands, showing support for serious causes, and encouraging specific calls to action. A lot of promotional swag is given away at trade shows, company events, and social gatherings. Customized gifts are also great for encouraging customer engagement via avenues such as social media contest giveaways and raffle prizes at events. Receiving gifts is a pleasant experience. Many people appreciate the gesture of being given such personalized and fun, small tokens of gratitude. Studies actually show that 48% of consumers prefer to receive promotional gifts more often, and that 54% of consumers report that receiving said items increase their loyalty to that given brand.

The great thing about cool promotional items is that they far surpass the lifespan (and excitement) of boring business cards, AND they travel. Unlike business cards that usually get thrown away within months, most people hold on to promotional swag for more than a year. Some of the most popular items with the longest lifespans include Calendars, USB Storage Drives, Bags, Water Bottles, and Mugs.  Furthermore, when people feel that they no longer have use for these types of items, they usually tend to pass them on to others before attempting to throw them away.

Pens also typically stick around for a while, but they travel very frequently, which is not necessarily a bad thing! We’ve all accidentally taken a pen from somewhere and left another pen somewhere else. This kind of frequent movement is ideal for gaining traction with brand exposure. This product journey is important because it allows your beautifully branded items to continue making impressions beyond the initial consumer. Wearable items like stylish shirts, hats, and buttons create walking billboards for your brand that continue to advertise for you long after your one-time production expense.

According to a study done by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 9 in 10 people who receive promotional products can recall the brand name on them, 8 in 10 will remember the message or slogan, and 7 in 10 people remember the call to action. Additionally, 87% of young adults report doing additional research on brands from which they receive promotional products. Conclusively, promotional products have been rated the number one, most effective (and cost efficient) advertising channel for calling consumers to action.

Promotional items are a direct reflection of your company, so you want to make sure that you choose the most appropriate products for your industry. Understanding the “why” behind the promotional goodies you’re offering can severely increase their effectiveness. Know your consumer base and research items that can be tailored to their lifestyle. Targeting a niche market with specific, quality goods is key to spearheading the marketing sector of your brand.

The ability to get consumers wanting to keep your promotional swag for longer periods of times relies almost solely on the product’s usefulness. Obviously, people are more likely to hold on to items that they can actually use on a regular basis, like Bags, Pens, and Drinkware. Other factors affecting product longevity include the enjoyment of owning it, the visual aesthetic of the item, and the content relayed through it, such as a slogan or motto supporting a good cause. Is there a tool that your industry’s consumers could find really useful? What kind of daily tasks do your consumers do that could be made better, easier, or simply more stylish with promotional swag? How can you you get your brand in your consumer’s hands in a way that will benefit the both of you? These are all things to consider when researching the right personalized gear for your company.

For example, some companies are extremely devoted towards protecting our planet and are committed to utilizing sustainable practices. Now more than ever, it is super important for companies to support a more eco-conscious lifestyle. These kinds of eco-friendly practices are highly valued by many consumers. In fact, studies show that two-thirds of consumers who value environmentally conscious practices choose products from sustainable sources over other conventional products. There are many different Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to choose from including Pens and Pencils made from recycled materials, as well as eco-safe, reusable items like Water Bottles and Bags.

Eco-Friendly Products

In order to make your promotional marketing campaign the most cost-effective and profitable experience in the long-term, you definitely need to make sure that the cost of production will achieve levels of recall that are far greater than any other general media advertising. Promotional items have a much lower cost per impression rate than advertisements in national magazines, newspapers, or television. The cost of printing on promotional items also decreases when you buy products in bulk. Finding products that are both strategically efficient and cost-effective can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing your company’s bottom line.

It also a good idea to get samples of your products before buying in bulk to ensure the quality of the products and custom imprint. If you’re going to be using these items to represent your brand, you definitely want to make sure their quality meet your brand standards. Receiving a cheaply printed product that breaks in a week can definifelty give people the wrong impression about the quality of your work, and nobody wants that. Take pride in your brand representation and invest in quality products that will leave a positive, lasting impression with people. Give away items that resonate with people and encourage meaningful connections within the community.

In conclusion, personalized promotional products offer new and exciting, low-cost ways to get your message out into the world. They can be used to increase awareness for your company’s core values, which can result in priceless consumer support. By ensuring that your swag aligns with your brand’s values and services, you create meaningful connections with your prospects. When combined with an effective marketing strategy, promotional giveaways can severely increase campaigns performance through memorable experiences and consumer engagement.

So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect promotional swag to represent your brand today!

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