Marketing Budget

In these last few weeks of the year, many businesses hustle to find clever ways to utilize the remainder of their set marketing budgets. Because budget-makers are typically looking for areas to cut spending, any unspent dollars could result in withdrawal of funds. In efforts to maximize impact and keep your marketing efforts going strong, we compiled some tips on how to spend your company’s end of the year funds.

Rolling into the new year, it is a good idea to re-stock on any office supplies that may deplete throughout the year. Items like pens, pencils, notebooks, coffee mugs, and USB flash drives are all great business compliments for both employees and clients. And rather than just buying blank products, taking the opportunity to add custom prints of your company’s logo or message could do wonders for your business.  That personalized item now has more value, and reminds people of your kind gesture.  Custom-printed goods are great corporate identity builders for your staff, but also act as super nice promotional giveaways for customers and company friends.

Keep in mind that useful, quality items tend to stick around much longer than chintzy, useless ones.  Items like pens, bags, and drinkware will get more frequent use, so adding your company names to these products is ideal.  Customized pens provide excellent brand exposure at a very low investment rate and are very easy to store until needed.  Notepads and memo clips are desktop essentials that gain a lot of popularity in both the home and office.  Branded calculators also get a lot of attention during this time of the year, with tax season approaching.  These are all very useful products that can be appreciated by both employees and customers.

If you’re already stocked up on office supplies, another option for spending your marketing budget is to plan early for your next big event.  Are you tabling at any upcoming tradeshows?  Do you have any big meetings or presentations approaching? Are you hosting any events?  Why not be proactive and get your promotional products out of the way now so that you can focus on polishing your main content?  Instead of scrambling around at the last minute and getting hit with a bunch of rush production fees, plan ahead and stock up on those standard branded items in order to have them on reserve all year long.  For the most efficient and cost-effective marketing results, look for useful, unique items that can help increase your brand awareness year-round.

Customer AppreciationAlso, just a reminder that January 6th, 2019 marks the beginning of “National Thank Your Customers Week” this year.  Be sure to show your customers just how much you appreciate their business.  Reach out and send them thank you cards with small, simple tokens of appreciation like tote bags, travel tumblers, multi-tools, or even fun-shaped stress relievers.  You may be surprised to see just how far sincerity can take your business.  Running a thank you campaign directed to your customers can also help you gauge the level of business opportunity you might have with them over the next year.  It’s never a bad idea to keep in touch with your customer base to see how you can better improve their customer experience, products or services.

So before you let what’s left of your end of the year budget go to waste and risk having your marketing budget cut, do a little research to find some super fun, stylish and useful giveaways that can help increase your brand exposure and nurture your client relationships.  Browse’s Best Sellers list to get ideas for your company’s custom printed promotional products today!

Thank you for reading!