1. Celebrate Graduation in Style!

    After a year of social distancing, graduations, and end-of-year celebrations are back better than ever! And at USfastprint.com, we’ve got the perfect promotional items you’ll absolutely need to celebrate your new graduate! A majority of 2020 graduations and end-of-the-year celebrations were postponed, so people are now doubling up on the celebrations for both 2020 and 2021. From celebrating be…Read More

  2. Nurses’ Week Must Haves: Our Top 9 Products!

    This past year, our healthcare professionals have been working nonstop to ensure our own health & safety. Now more than ever, we need to show our appreciation for our nurses & doctors for their tireless work in fighting against the COVID-19 virus.  At USfastprint.com, we have just the promotional products you need to show your appreciation this Nurses’ Week, while displaying your brand…Read More

  3. Earth Day Essentials: Every Product You Need to Promote Your Business

    Earth Day is just around the corner, and USfasprint.com has the eco-friendly, promotional products you need to showcase your business! Words like “sustainability” and “eco-friendly” can simply seem like buzzwords nowadays but understanding why sustainable and eco-friendly products are important will help your business better service your customers’ preferences and tastes. As the landfill…Read More

  4. Our Favorite Multi-Use Sanitizers You Need In Your Bag or Purse Today!

    Are you always on the hunt for your sanitizer? Does it always seem to sneak into the depths of your purse, drawers, or backpack? In a day and age where hand sanitizer is essential, it’s important to have your sanitizer on hand at all time. But lucky for you, USfastprint.com has every hand sanitizer product you need to be fully prepared at all times! 100mL Hand Sanitizing Foam (Alcohol-Free) - US…Read More

  5. The Masks You Absolutely Need This Spring!

    We all know that masks are great at protecting us from germs and illnesses, and in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to protect yourself and those you love. But did you know that masks are the number one way to fight infection? At USfastprint.com, we are dedicated to helping our community by donating masks to those in need. We keep our community at top of mind, so over the past year, we’…Read More

  6. Are You Sanitizing Properly?

    Are You Sanitizing Properly?

    We all know the importance of hand sanitizer during flu season, as it can be very helpful in killing germs that cause viruses like COVID-19. Hence why sanitizer sales have skyrocketed this year and everyone and their mother is slathering it on everytime they touch a shared surface or object in public spaces. However, many people may not realize that they may be making some major errors when applyi…Read More

  7. Marketing Budget

    Tips On Wrapping Up Your Marketing Budget

    In these last few weeks of the year, many businesses hustle to find clever ways to utilize the remainder of their set marketing budgets. Because budget-makers are typically looking for areas to cut spending, any unspent dollars could result in withdrawal of funds. In efforts to maximize impact and keep your marketing efforts going strong, we compiled some tips on how to spend your company's end of…Read More

  8. trade show

    Tips On Tradeshow Giveaways

    Regardless of what industry you're involved in or whether you're an exhibitor or an attendee, trade shows can be very overwhelming. With all of the different colorful, flashy booths and fun giveaway items, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.  In fact, the overabundance of promotional products at trade shows is encouraging attendees to be more selective with the items they decide to take h…Read More

  9. Company Growth

    The Real Value In Promotional Products

    There has been some mixed opinions about the effectiveness of promotional product marketing, but we're here at USfastprint.com to ensure you that the industry is still alive and well. In fact, if your business isn't utilizing specialty advertising, you could really be missing out on some super effective consumer reach. Even small businesses without much marketing or advertising can greatly improve…Read More

  10. Laser Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

    Discover The Beauty of Laser Engraved Promotional Items

    Looking for a way to boost the perception of your brand? Impress your clientele with custom laser engraved goods! Laser engraving is one of the highest quality imprints you can apply to promotional products. With the use of a high-power, precision laser machine, simple text and logo designs can be transformed into beautiful, engraved impressions. This process uses a laser beam to physically remove…Read More