1. Seasonal Excitement

    Finding the Perfect Promotional Product for any Holiday Season

    by   Joe Urbanc – USFP Anytime of the year is a great time to promote your brand. The Holiday Season is a perfect opportunity to give away a gift with your logo representing your organization, or small business. People are in the holiday spirit anyway (usually) and gift giving is happening all around you. Why not use this time of year to create some more brand awareness? Whether you want to gi…Read More

  2. Why Gift Marketing Is an Essential Tool for Small Businesses

    People appreciate gifts. Think about it. When you receive a gift set from a retailer or small business owner as a means of thank you for your business it makes you feel good. In fact, it is probably safe to say that everyone loves getting gifts. By giving shoppers or customers a gift, retailers get extremely efficient marketing that can truly change consumer behavior. The use of Promotional Gifts …Read More

  3. Halloween Is Creeping Up Fast! Get Ideas For Spooky Promotional Items Here

    The scare season is back! Now is the perfect time to order some spooky promotional products to amp up your business in a fun way! Halloween is a great time for you to use your imagination, get creative, and eat lots of sweets, but it is also a great opportunity for brand promotion. As you prepare your home and family for one of the most fun American traditions there is, don’t forget about also…Read More